❤️ my very cute Gong Gong enjoying his homemade birthday cupcake. 87 years, eats anything he wants, and still healthy as a horse!

(foodism and good genes run in the family heehee)

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showered, soft & sleepy. #happypuppy cuddle puddle. 🐶☁️

  11:10 pm, by darleng

oatmeal yogurt w blueberries. berry, cherry tomato salad. sautéed mushrooms. chicken spread. warm, flaky croissants & fresh pineapple, orange, honeydew juice.

homey #Sunday morning #brekkie by @ngsinhue & @taiqiyao 🍓🍊🍍❤️

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cheeky @babymelly sticking her tongue out at me. miss you bb!

#ldr #girlfriends #streetshooting #patientboyfriends = #win

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my hand feeding my man 💜

salted caramel ice cream, sandwiched between pecan #cookies. 🍪🍦 #patandsticks has the bestest #icecreamcookiesandwich! get some @teengyeoh!

••• takeaway from The Providore in Mandarin Gallery, Singapore.

  08:49 pm, by darleng

love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. love never fails. |

lonewolf in a suit; happypuppy is happy. 🐶💗🐶 #LDR

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a love story 10 years in the making. finally, introducing #MrAndMrsAting ❤️

09:04 pm, by darleng

a nervous maid of honour going through her speech. champagne and a badass leather jacket always helps!

💗 @siokkk at her most demure yet, at #MrAndMrsAting’s wedding.

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"Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul."

14.09.14 | a beautiful setting for #love. #MrAndMrsAting

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