it’s new game each Monday; make it count. make each day prettier than the one before.

πŸ’– pretty painted chocolates, handmade with lots of love.

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#girls be like, let us take a #wefie ☺️

#thatcamerathough πŸ‘ (at Kura, One World Hotel)

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some things don’t change, like having friends you can share a laugh with. those are the things we treasure most as we age. #bestbromance

(other things don’t change too, like Edmund’s lack of Instagram) (at Kura, One World Hotel)

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Friday night’s #celebrity situation with @roy_93 & an all-girl #paparazzi fan base. πŸ“·πŸ“±πŸ‘» (at Kura Japanese Restaurant, One World Hotel)

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Friday night’s #celebrity situation with @roy_93 & an all-girl #paparazzi fan base. πŸ“·πŸ“±πŸ‘» (at Kura Japanese Restaurant, One World Hotel)

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@yevonnchew & I were interviewed recently as part of a feature on investing in Malaysia for TIME magazine. The experience was extraordinary; we discussed the progress of logistics in Malaysia, the role of SMEs, Malaysia’s part in ASEAN, and the future direction of our company, Metroport. In truth, they wanted to interview our company’s founder, my dad, but he asked us to go in his stead & all parties agreed. Thanks Tony, Shanta, & Pablo, for reaching out to us!

Wrapping up the interview, we touched on what it’s like to be future leaders as young females. I believe that we are growing in number; that many of us share a dream for a better future. One where our thoughts and opinions are worth the same weight as men’s; one where we have the same say in what happens to our mind, body, career & country. I am lucky that my dad has rarely gone easy on me, simply because I am a girl.

That is why in conjunction with this post, I applaud this year’s joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, #MalalaYousafzai, for her fight for girls’ education and rights. Malala, her father, & my father have shown me that gender shouldn’t hold us back; that men complement our fight for equal standing. Thank you, to all the strong men out there who support their women.

❀️ It’s been a wonderful week.

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@yevonnchew drove our new baby home last week. I’m not a fan of its gear stick, but I love the sleek grey curves & sexy red leather seats. #automania

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cinnamon thick toast, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, honey & caramel drizzle. simple, sinful goodness on a plate. very highly recommended.

drooling over the new franchise launch soon! (at Haikara Style Cafe)

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my sis @yevonnchew knows me too well. the way to my heart is through my stomach.

8 flavours of #xiaolongbao, in the order they should be eaten: original (white),
ginger (green),
foie gras (brown),
truffle (black),
cheese (yellow),
crab roe (orange),
garlic (grey),
& Sichuan (pink). (at Paradise Dynasty ζ¨‚ε€©ηš‡ζœ @ Paradigm Mall)

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oh, my cholesterol-filled heart. I finally understand the fuss about #hairycrabs. the one I got this time had this amazingly sweet, creamy #roe.

lonewolf just left Shanghai, and gave me a little education on how location, sex, weather, size, & fat affects the taste of the roe. looks like we’ll be heading to Suzhou for future harvests (& to have 400g-sized #crabs) 😍 (at Dragon-i Sunway Pyramid)

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