hello, Causeway Bay. I’ve walked you for 5 hours today and I’m still lost.

  ∞06:26 pm, by darleng

hot, fluffy, crispy egg waffles. original & chocolate flavour swirl.

convenient snacking while wandering through the streets of Hong Kong.

  ∞06:13 pm, by darleng

drizzling warm chocolate over powdered #donuts! #dessert just so we can linger a little longer in each other’s company (queue here is insane)

Sunday morning well spent w Edmund & @mssasin 🍩 #MSis27 (at Jibby & Co at Empire Shopping Gallery)

  ∞07:45 pm, by darleng

panko-crumbed soft boiled egg, nestled in rocket, zucchini, & broad beans. ikura & aged balsamic. 3rd time eating this dish, and still darn awesome.

belated birthday brunch for love @mssasin 💋 love you heaps and may each year bring you more happiness! #MSis27 (at Jibby & Co at Empire Shopping Gallery)

  ∞07:34 pm, by darleng

I LURFFF HOLIDAYZ. more playtime w mummy!

licks your screen 🐶

  ∞01:52 pm, by darleng

in the morning when you wake up
i like to believe you are thinking of me
and when the sun comes through your window
i like to believe you’ve been dreaming of me

i-miss-you kinda coffee. #lonewolfloving

  ∞02:28 pm, by darleng

large platter of assorted cold cuts, #antipasto, & yummy stinky cheese to fight over w @litimk or to force feed @jwinong mmmmm

last night’s #Italian wine & dine w the #humsupclan. ❤️ (at NEROTECA Italian Restaurant)

  ∞10:42 am, by darleng

toffee pudding, vanilla gelato, caramel sauce. cold & sweet & hot & sticky.

happy puppy is #fatandhappy with so much #lonewolfloving ❤️

  ∞02:35 am, by darleng

bacon-wrapped sausages. scrambled eggs with freshly shaved black truffle. chilled tomatoes hand-carried from…France? with a sprinkling of fleur de sel. I FINISHED MY PLATE.

#throwback to a luxurious #Sunday morning. enjoying @ngsinhue’s yummy #breakfast cooking! 😍 luxe touches provided by @taiqiyao’s Eurotrip hehehe

  ∞02:44 am, by darleng 1

The Ruwan: a multi-layered #omelette with roasted red and yellow peppers, shiitake shrooms, and parmesan shavings. Bitter orange marmalade, salmon rosette, and fried bread with the crusts cut off (just the way its namesake likes it!)

Sunday morning #brekkie with @ruwanshaun. 🍳

  ∞08:57 pm, by darleng