the sun, the sand, the sea … the #streets? 😋 heh I enjoyed playing on my Malaysian vacation with the girls this morning.

(on a side note, I still haven’t slept from working on a proposal all of last night. I’ve just submitted it – blow me a kiss & wish me luck!) 💋 #lorongbelakang #graffiti (at Lorong Belakang Seksyen 7)

  03:09 pm, by darleng

peekaboo! how cute is she? 😍 Friday dinner date w @caijin. nasi kerabu & lamb burger for us. (at Ashley’s by LivingFood)

  07:19 pm, by darleng

today in Sunway: during the trailers at the movies, a special announcement requested us to stand for the national anthem. the whole cinema got to their feet & sang #Negaraku together. I translated for my impressed Korean friend after.

Happy #Merdeka, #Malaysia. #tanahtumpahnyadarahku ❤️💙

  01:43 am, by darleng

Tuesday #foodie GNO. I learnt more Cantonese and no one blinks anymore when I stand on the chair to take photos. They just carry on eating. I like I like. 😁

👍 tom yum #steamboat w the SA/SJ girls. (at Home Town Steamboat Subang SS14 好家鄉火鍋慶之家)

  04:15 pm, by darleng

"I want you to draw me like one of your French dogs; wearing the leash. Wearing only the leash."

Titanic x Louis Vuitton campaign 2014. (at Desa Park City Dog Park)

  09:28 pm, by darleng

avo, pesto, salsa, feta. I advocate The Avocado’s Advocate at #TheRedBeanbag.

❤️ #brunch! with @kentmcwong @estherloong @jonleeeee (at The Red Beanbag)

  09:10 pm, by darleng

I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!

  09:10 pm, by darleng

chocolate #cake & peanut butter frosting in layers. mixed berry compote & macadamia nut brittle to top it off.

Edmund can haz #cakeporn & eat it too. Happy birthday, babyface 😊 (at Soleil)

  01:45 am, by darleng

those girls in front centre, them red & blue got the moves. so proud of my cousins for bagging first or second in all their heats! ❤️❤️❤️ @estherloong @thenoodlestick & special mention @jonleeeee 😉

03:35 pm, by darleng

Eskimo kissing; fashionable back in the 80s. adorableeeee 😍

  01:36 pm, by darleng