"You can take the boy out of the South, but you ain’t gonna take the South outta the boy." ✪

Southern lovin’ with my Southern darlin’. fries, ribs, hush puppies, damned good pulled pork! chatting with some expats from Vegas and Cali – their Cantonese is better than mine #sobanana

••• 85 South, Central Hong Kong.

  10:17 pm, by darleng

'cause you're a sky full of stars / 'cause you light up the path //

••• looking out over Hong Kong from Ritz-Carlton.

  06:44 pm, by darleng

the years have gone by in a blink of an eye. day to dusk; with HK in HK.

••• pretty lights at WOOBAR, W Hotel Hong Kong.

  03:44 pm, by darleng

sweets galore! but it was much sweeter catching up with Heng Kai in Hong Kong. 🍭


  02:06 pm, by darleng

struggling through crowds, sharing cabs with strangers, sitting through the wind & rain for hours with me; just so I can be #happytouristpuppy. taking selfies was probably the worst part for lonewolf ☺️

••• #lonewolfloving at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong.

  01:43 pm, by darleng

cameras at the ready! being touristy at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong.

  11:26 pm, by darleng

Horlick Crème Chantilly puff. vanilla beany, horlicky, & as yummy as it looks.

••• Urban Bakery, Hong Kong.

  07:41 pm, by darleng

takeaway sheng jian bao, panfried juicy pork buns. like xiaolongbao in a bun.

chased down with a cold lemon & lime Bundaberg.

  07:40 pm, by darleng

xiaolongbao with hairy crab cream. liquid explosion of flavour from crab roe, juicy pork, stock. ••• The Dining Room at Hysan Place, Hong Kong.

  07:40 pm, by darleng

yes, I think I will try you. more sweet treats from Urban Bakery. 😍 #happyhappypuppy (at Urban Bakery, Hysan Place)

  12:58 pm, by darleng